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I’ve been seeing the Green Man everywhere, especially in Churches. I wear his necklace and have been getting compliments on it. How and where is the Green Man popularized besides in Pagan tradition?


“Lately I’ve had quite a few people giving me compliments on my Green Man necklace, and I’ve found it somewhat shocking. He’s always been the deity that I’ve associated with the most, and I feel a deep connection there, but I had no idea that so many people knew about him. I know that he can be found carved into churches all over, but I figured he was only celebrated in various Pagan spiritualities. Do you know of other ways the Green Man has been popularized?”

The “Green Man” image has been around for thousands of years and has been a part of many, many religions and spiritualities. The Green Man has many names, many images, and many meanings. In most cases, he is the deity of nature, vegetation, life and rebirth. He can be found in many religions including Celtic traditions, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and obviously Paganism.

His names are many: The Green Man, Horned God, Cernunnos, Elijah, Khidr, Pan, Holly King, among other names. The Green Man has many shapes and forms in many different areas. Yes, he is depicted in Churches, cathedrals, and abbeys, and usually associated and called “Jack in the Green.”

It’s because the concept of the Green Man is in many different cultures, it’s popularity has been high pretty much ever since the renaissance. Not so much as a religious figure or representing a deity, but mostly as a decorative piece of imagery and architecture.

Every religion, culture, tradition, belief will probably have a different story and beliefs for the depiction and history of the Green Man. He’s popular because he’s practically everywhere. More or less in some cultures, and used as a deity or decoration in others. Some may see him as a Saint, others as a Pagan God. Some might recognize him from Church, others from a carving on a tombstone.

His many faces, names, and beliefs can be a good thing. Especially for those who worship him as a God. It might defer the whole witch thing to something you’re wearing because it’s decorative. Though you may not see him that much around today; mostly in Pagan and Druid practices - the Green Man is definitely ancient for many practices.

Blessed Be

I don’t really understand something. I’ve read some things that say Pan/The Horned God/The Green Man are completely different gods, and some things that say they’re not. So what’s “true”? Or does it just depend on the person? I’ve always thought of them all as completely different gods, so this is kind of hard for me to form in my mind.

Note; if whoever responds to this could support their claims with, or just recommend articles/books for me to refer to, would be great.

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the green man tag seems to be filled with only pictures

where are lengthy paragraphs that I can drool over and consume?! :c

Why is it that whenever I search ‘god pan’ or something along those lines in the tags,

everything that’s mentioned has nothing to do with nature and everything to do with Satan/the devil?

Uhhh did Pan change while I was gone orrr?


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Since I unfucked the altar yesterday, I decided to reorganize it.

This altar is now only dedicated to Hel, the Ancestors and her Family.

The left part of the altar is dedicated to her Family, with the blue candle for Sigyn, the brown (caramel scented) candle for Loki, Iormungand, dices and a smoky quartz. I need things for Narvi, Vali and Fenrir.For the pink ribbon : I don’t know why. It appeared one day. And I don’t knoooow what it means or anything. But it is on the altar now.

The right part of the altar is dedicated to the Ancestors, with a picture of my granddad, a fairy with a dragon figurine, and a representation of Garm and Mordgud (this was the only part where they felt “right”).

Today, when I will unfuck the bookshelves, I will organize the other altar for all Gods and Spirits.

(And yes. Yes, there is a Domo-kun on my altar. And ? There is a tarot inside.)

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31 Days of Honoring Loki and His Family: Days 10-15


So…I’ve been a very bad girl.

I’ve been neglecting my daily offerings to Loki and the other Rökkr, so I’m attempting to make up for it with one mega-post to Mr. Flame-Hair Himself. I’m going to explain, to the best of my ability, my relationship with Him, how I got started, where I got started and why I decided to journey down this magical mystery tour…

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The Persephone Thing


Just for the record~

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Þrúðr or Thrud (Old Norse “strength”), is the daughter of Thor in norse mythology.

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Siberian salamanders have compounds in their blood that enable them to survive temperatures of -45°C(-49F). They can stay frozen solid for years before thawing and reviving as good as new. (Wild Russia - NDR)

So what I’m taking away from all this is, basically, that Captain America is a salamander.

Fire & Ink: To New Lokeans


Reblogging Amber Drake’s most excellent post on the myths surrounding Loki and His worship.

It has recently come to my attention that a few Lokeans are spreading complete and utter BS about what you have to do to become a Real Lokean™.
There was a post about this last year (I think) in the lokeans group on Livejournal.. I thought it was a freak occurrence, but apparently it’s still going on.

The bullshit list:

  • You have to Oath to Loki for life, ASAP
  • You have to marry Loki and become a god-spouse, ASAP
  • Lokean god-spouses are special/better/more worthy than any other kind of devotee
  • If Loki really loved you, He would marry you
  • Lokeans are specifically targeted for spirit attacks

You do not voluntarily Oath to a god before you have spent some years getting to know the god, and the religion in general.
Oathing is serious business, and the gods do not look kindly upon oath-breakers.

You do not have to marry Loki to follow Him. God-spouses (and god-slaves/-servants) are rare. It looks like there are more than there actually are, because some of the new ones write about it on the internet.
Also it’s the deity who asks the mortal to marry them, and even then you don’t have to, and even if you do choose to marry, you can have an option for a divorce in your marriage oath.
Don’t let anyone tell you what kind of relationship you have to have with Loki. It’s between you and Him. And He is perfectly capable of letting you know what kind of relationship He should want Himself.

God-spouses are not in any way better or more worthy than other devotees.
It’s not exactly something to yearn for, either, since the gods demands much more of their mortal spouses when it comes to Work. And studying and training to be able to do the Work.

I firmly believe that the gods love all their devotees.

Spirit attacks:
Spirit attacks are rare. From what I know, violent “Poltergeist” type attacks areextremely rare.
There is no reason to go around being scared and worrying about being attacked.

The only thing you should do to follow Loki,
is to love Him, honour and respect Him.

-another new Lokean

Some blog posts for further reading:
Discernment for Godspouses
She’s Having A Go At Other Lokeans Again

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