So I went to a friend’s house and they were watching Ghost Adventures


They went to this house were a supposedly evil witch lady killed a bunch of kids and sacrificed them to satan? Which makes sense cause witches can be satanists, but then they went on a whole thing about all the “satanic wiccan things in the house” and I’m just kind of staring at the TV going “Did these people even do a google search on the terms?”.

So apparently, the house has a succubus (Which they kept interchanging with incubus) that harassed a man living there, as well as his grandson. And because there was a witch there I guess they wanted to bring in a pagan priestess to talk about it. So she does a ritual with all the guys that are supposed to be spending the night there, and they were just freaking the fuck out about it, and this priestess just looks so uninterested and like “Are we going to do this or what you’ve been holding that athame trembling for the last ten minutes”. And in the middle of the ritual when they actually have to do stuff and say things they get super scared because they actually feel things and start going “no way man we cant do this we shouldn’t fuck with this stop” and the priestess looks so annoyed like “Give me the damn athame back I’ll do it myself”.

And I’m just sitting here laughing because they’re shitting themselves over things that teenage witches deal with all the time. All they had to do was hold the athame and say an incantation over the altar. Dramatic TV much?

Now I want to see this episode. May peruse my mom’s DVR for it. In need of some laughs.

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This is the concept art for Boudicca for Civ V, right? Awesome.

Boudicca comes from a Celtic word meaning ‘victorious’, cf. modern day Scottish Gaelic buadhach and this Celtic warrior queen is said to have had long red hair reaching down to her lower back, and she always wore a golden torc. Roman sources says that she wore a tartan tunic and a a mantle reaching down to the ground and fastened with a brooch on her left shoulder. 

Now, Boudicca was an interesting and brave woman - when her father died, she was to inherit his kingdom, but the Roman colonial forces ignored this, killed some of her people and then tw: physically abused Boudicca and raped her daughters. In retaliation, Boudicca brought her people, the Iceni, together and completely destroyed Colchester, London and St Albans, and her rebellion was so successful that the Romans once again contemplated leaving the British Isles for good. 

In her final battle, Boudicca is said to have declared that she wasn’t a queen avenging her lost wealth, but a woman avenging her lost freedom, her daughters’ abused chastity and her own battered body. Sadly Boudicca’s rebellion army lost the battle, and as a consequence, Boudicca committed suicide to prevent being sold as a slave to the Romans.

Also, according to a British legend, Boudicca is buried between platform 9 and platform 10 in King’s Cross, which might be why the Hogwarts Express is said to leave from a similar place, i.e. platform 9 3/4 - the place was already infused with a certain kind of magic before Rowling wrote her stories about the boy who lived.

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Marvel Comics and Norse Paganism


I’ve been thinking a bit about how Marvel Comics is having an effect on various forms of Norse Paganism in some ways- for better or worse- and the more I think about it, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I was mostly raised on Greek Mythology which is starkly contrasted to Norse simply in what material is available. Writings on the Greek deities and myths spans centuries, there are many different interpretations of various deities and myths and even afterlifes. The mythos evolved with the people and while that stopped at some point, that’s still a fairly rich amount of interpretations to take from.

Most of the lore available on Norse Mythology is what was written by Snorri Sturluson, one man. This writing only reflects, at best, what was believed at the time and not the evolution of belief over the years. And at worst, it doesn’t reflect what pagans believed at all because it was penned by a Christian scholar.  We can cobble together what people believed from remaining artifacts, but that’s all we can do. Cobble together. Even if that is an accurate representation- again, it’s from one period in time, it doesn’t reflect the evolution of the mythos or religious practice.

Belief needs to evolve or it will die out. A mythology with a much richer variety of surviving lore to choose from is better equipped to do that, although it still needs help adjusting to the modern age- a mythology without needs to find new ways to evolve.

Reconstructionism is valid for some people, but it doesn’t work for everyone, the same as in daily life. You’ll get people who are into the Society for Creative Anachronisms, people who are willing and able to invest time and energy into learning how to do things the old way- then you get people who would rather spend that time and money on the newest technology, and people who are just trying to get by.

So the reconstructionists can keep focusing on the old, and that is good and necessary because if you don’t know where you came from you’ve got a hard time figuring out where you’re going, but there also needs to be space for those who want to focus on the new.

And, honestly, Marvel isn’t a bad way to do that. It changes with the world (well, with America, it is not a flawless system but I don’t think it’s a bad framework, either), and also has a great number of interpretations of its own characters over the 60 years it’s been written. There’ve been numerous writers and artists creating the works, as well as different Marvel universes that the characters are featured in. The Ultimate Avengers movies, which are clearly heavily tied to the recent Avengers movie franchise, shows a far different Thor than the 2011 movie. Comics and movies from years and even decades back will feature even greater changes. Marvel also sometimes focuses on the youth of Thor & Loki, not just the times when Loki is a villain and Thor is a hero. It gives a great example of multiple interpretations/sides of the same being- and it is the same being. This is something that can show up in both hard and soft polytheism, I’ve read the accounts of devotees of Odin who have seen him as a younger man who still had both eyes as well as the old, wizened man who sacrificed himself for the knowledge of the runes. Worshippers can also see different sides of a certain deity depending on their relationship with the deity, and it’s hard to find different sides of a deity when limited to the work of one man.

Marvel and Norse Mythology have become intertwined. Obviously the Marvel works are based off of the mythology, however loosely, but it goes beyond that. If you look at fan works based on Marvel, they can borrow heavily from Norse Mythology, beyond what’s included in the Marvel canon. Especially with the popularity of the movies and difficulty to get access to all of the comics, many people are turning to Norse Mythology to explain what’s happening in the 2011 Thor movie. Part of the reason that there are Norse Pagans coming out of that fandom is because it encourages people to get an interest in the actual mythology, and from there they find people who worship it.

It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if Marvel had actually had an effect on Norse Paganism before the recent movie enterprise, The Mighty Thor was first introduced in 1962. However, the advent of the internet and the popularity of the recent movies obviously has a far more noticeable effect and far larger ripples.

Because there will still be reconstructionists, this won’t mean that knowledge about how Norse Paganism was worshipped will disappear. There will also be non-pagans who study the mythology and the archaeological evidence to keep it alive. This will continue to have an effect on the worship of Norse Paganism in general, and there is definitely value in trying to study this even if your personal focus is not on reconstructionism, but the ability for the belief system to evolve and change over time is very beneficial and necessary. If Marvel aids that, then maybe it’s not such a bad thing.


The Legion of Yifan Zhang by lilitus

Yifan Zhang is a Cat goddess who lead a legion of cats to uphold righteousness before the Shang Era. Descendant of Huang Di ,the Yellow Emperor a part-real, part-legendary personage who is credited with founding the Chinese nation around 4,000 BC

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Free Today: Kindle Book on the Scottish and Irish goddess(es) the Cailleach.  Cailleach means old woman or hag. There are many landmarks named after the Cailleach and lots of stories about her. Similar goddesses include Beura and Black Annis.  With similar physical descriptions and roles, these goddesses are all covered in this book. Although these authors take a soft polytheist approach to these goddesses, and that may rub some hard polytheists the wrong way, I still find this to be a very affordable (read free) resource with many of the myths and legends in one place.

been wanting to see how good this was for a while


Yay, just downloaded this. :)

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I feel like I’m going to turn into the scholarly nutjob of the Pagan/Wiccan world someday.

Not a bad feeling at all.





Free Today: Kindle book on the rites of Hekate.

Today is a really good day for free books.


I just haven’t been able to find free nookbooks! Somebody got some ideas on that? Please do tell.

O_O  This was on my wish list!

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went to the bookstore today!


  • Wicca, A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham
  • Essential Asatru by Diana L. Paxson
  • Celtic Myth & Magick by Edain McCoy


Skógafoss, Iceland, pas le matin

My dad passed up living in Iceland for Montana. e.o

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probably shouldn’t have gone to look at her blog

emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmotions now

I was feeling happy

and now I just want to cry

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