So I went to a friend’s house and they were watching Ghost Adventures


They went to this house were a supposedly evil witch lady killed a bunch of kids and sacrificed them to satan? Which makes sense cause witches can be satanists, but then they went on a whole thing about all the “satanic wiccan things in the house” and I’m just kind of staring at the TV going “Did these people even do a google search on the terms?”.

So apparently, the house has a succubus (Which they kept interchanging with incubus) that harassed a man living there, as well as his grandson. And because there was a witch there I guess they wanted to bring in a pagan priestess to talk about it. So she does a ritual with all the guys that are supposed to be spending the night there, and they were just freaking the fuck out about it, and this priestess just looks so uninterested and like “Are we going to do this or what you’ve been holding that athame trembling for the last ten minutes”. And in the middle of the ritual when they actually have to do stuff and say things they get super scared because they actually feel things and start going “no way man we cant do this we shouldn’t fuck with this stop” and the priestess looks so annoyed like “Give me the damn athame back I’ll do it myself”.

And I’m just sitting here laughing because they’re shitting themselves over things that teenage witches deal with all the time. All they had to do was hold the athame and say an incantation over the altar. Dramatic TV much?

Now I want to see this episode. May peruse my mom’s DVR for it. In need of some laughs.

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